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Happy Halloween everybody

Happy Halloween everybody.

Halloween is not something I have ever made anything for but the kids seem to be into it and by default auntie ends up getting into the, erm, spirit of things.  Today I am doing two posts, this is the first and the latter will go live later on.

These are some MDF Halloween things that I have made and hung up in the house.  All the MDF is by Dreamees and I was wondering how I could display the things without them looking a mess then I thought, suction cup hooks.  These clear ones are ideal for where I needed them to be as I have glass doors and they would be fairly anonymous.  Bits of ribbon to hold the letters and there you go.  No mess and reusable.

Boo! has been made using some Dreamees embossing glitter which, if I am correct can be used as a glitter and an embossing powder, and I’ve been using them like glitter for a long time now.  Once dry I sealed them with my staple of Crafters Companion Spray and Shine which protects and seals and is worth every penny.


The bats I love!!  They were first painted black and then when dry I applied some Tim Holtz Distress Glitter in Black Soot on either side and then left them to dry before adding the black ribbon.  I could have stood them up around the house but hanging on the door is lovely.


Finally there is my haunted house. Again I painted the whole thing black except the windows and door.  The roof off the house had an extra layer so I used the Distress Glitter again to add some effect.  The doors and windows were painted white and then I added some Distress Glitter in Spiced Marmalade to the doors and windows.  I could have gone all out with cobwebs and such but my Halloween is a little more subdued than most.

Anyway I hope that you like this post and pop back for the next one today.



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Winnie the Pooh and Friends Christmas Home Decor Project

I did warn you I’d make a Home Decor project using the Winnie the Pooh dies and papers and sentiments.  Here is the first of my projects which will be hanging in my home this Christmas to compliment my Winnie the Pooh themed tree (I did tell you I loved my Winnie).

I had some canvas frames lying around in my MDF project box and I wasn’t sure what to do with them.  I looked at my dies and I realised that my Winnie the Pooh and friends ones would fit nicely in them, each one being 4×4 inches.  Each canvas has been embossing using a Versamark clear embossing pad and then adding some WOW embossing glitter in Icicle…and I used the entire pot!  Once these were all dry I cut the following dies from their respective colourful creations pad.  The dies I used were as follows

  • Adorable Piglet
  • Thoughtful Tigger
  • Festive Eeeyore
  • Loving Pooh
  • Shine Bright

I stuck these securely to the canvas with Modge Podge and added sentiments from the cardstock pack.  Once these were dry I sprayed the canvasses with Spray and Shine as I like to make sure the paper has some protection.  I left these to dry and then I assembled the canvases.

To assemble the canvasses I used some jute string and I actually stapled it to the back of the canvas as there was some sturdy wood.  I continued to do this and made sure that the tip of the canvas was right next to the other.  I did one row down and then another up making sure that I made a loop at the top for hanging.  And there you go.  The photo does not do the project justice as there is sparkle and shine all the way through it.  However I have taken a close up of part of it so you can see the effect.  I personally love it but then I would and I hope you do too.


Thank you once again for stopping by and I look forward to your next visit.





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Aall and Create itac17 Challenge 2 – Asia

Hello again.

Today I am sharing this challenge post which I admit I am very behind in posting. Never mind it has to be uploaded by the end of the month so better late than never even if I am now 2 challenges behind!

I am not sure if what I have made has ticked any of the boxes.  To be honest I really am struggling with the brief and the standard of work is just infinitely better than mine.  If only I could draw things would be much easier.

This piece is made up of something which I knew I had here and I’ve actually made this into a large bookmark.  The base is made from a page of the Kaleidoscope pads by Hunkydory and which I have coloured as best as I can and folded in half to make the bookmark (secured with red line tape for extra strength).  The design itself is something which I made for A level textiles about 20 years ago when the brief was Asia! I made up a load of samples using this lettering which I took from something someone gave me from China and which is supposed to represent my Christian name.  I developed all these samples and then from there made a white silk wrap with two of these at either end, embroidered with beads.  My bestie still has it as I made a dress as well.  The design was drawn onto a piece of cotton, coloured red and then a red piece of thin satin stitched over in the design in red.  The colours have distorted over time and even though I haven’t done the greatest of jobs I have at least used something which was sat around doing nothing!

Until next time.



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Aall and Create itac17 Challenge 1 – Europe

Hello friends and welcome to a different post from me as this time I am participating in a challenge which is something that I do not normally do.  I am still questioning whether it is a good idea to participate as I have seen the other numerous posts and mine is nothing short of substandard in my humble opinion.  Maybe if I could draw properly then I would have a chance, but here I am am showcasing my take on the Europe theme.

This MDF house shape was something which I had started to play with and it had paper on it.  I ripped off most of it and painted over it with what remained of Paper Artsy Blueberry Acrylic paint.  Its patchy in a lot of places but I just left it hoping that it would end up being effective.  Once that was all dry I had a look through some of my MDF shapes and all I can say is “Thank You Dreamees”.  All my MDF shapes have come from there and I was especially pleased to find the Eiffel Tower amongst the stash.

I decided to play with my distress oxides and chose Black Soot, Antique Linen and Frayed Burlap.  I activated it with water and dragged my Eiffel Tower through it.  I heat dried it and then continues to spray with water and build up the effects on the MDF.  I left it to one side as I could not think of anything else to add at this point.  However I then realised that I had some “faces” and chose a Wonky Tonk Girl set called “Daydreamer” and inked the face and added it to the Eiffel Tower, I like the effect.  This was set aside to be placed on the house later.

Next I decided to paint some clouds and some birds to add to a travelling theme.  I used two MDF hot air balloon shapes and I embossed them to look like they were coloured. I drew in the lines with a sharpie.  I wasn’t sure if the effect was there but it looks nice.  I used red and white ribbon so I had a red, white and blue theme.

The oval MDF plaque has been covered with an embossed piece of paper.  This paper was run through the same distress oxides that were used on the Eiffel Tower but I ran the scrap of paper through a Tim Holtz Paris embossing folder!  I then used a Tim Holtz stamp and embossing powder for  “Life was meant for a great Adventure”, I thought that it was appropriate.

Everything had dried and I placed everything and glued it with my hot glue gun.  I felt something could be added and I then realised that I had some Euro coin and some Polish Zloty.  So I got them from where they were sitting and glued them into the box by the Eiffel Tower.

So this is my challenge and I feel like I have done the best my can but my best would not be good enough, but if I don’t challenge myself then I won’t know how I do.

Take care and thanks for stopping by and I’ll post soon.



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Fun with Mermaids

Today I am sharing some photos of some of my Mermaid theme makes all combining Dreamees products and MDF.  I throughly enjoyed making these as I love working with MDF and quality products.  All papers used here have been printed from the Magical Mermaids CD, again by Dreamees.

Here I’ve stuck my paper to the MDF and once it was dry, I used dinky inkies to add some colour.

I had chosen my MDF to adorn this piece so I decided on my embossing colours.  For the seahorse I used Peace, the Mermaid I used Rose Gold and the anchor I used Midnight. I placed these on the MDF but the design looked bare so I decided to use my Magical Mermaid stamps and some Spectrum Noir markers to stamp some starfish, fish and swirls.  This looked much better especially when I fixed the MDF to the base piece.


This next piece is very simple.  This is a topper which was printed out and coloured with the dinky inkies and then stuck to the MDF.  The stars are embossed with Boogie and stuck on.  I’ve coloured the mermaid with Spectrum Noir alcohol markers.


This next piece again uses a piece of paper printed from the Magical Mermaids CD.  The mermaid is embossed with Dazzle and the starfish with Platinum.  I’ve inked the edges of the MDF with Dinky Inkies.

Finally the last piece of MDF.  This time I chose to use a backing paper and stamp onto it.  The mermaid was stamped onto some paper before being coloured in and stuck on.  The shells were stamped onto the MDF directly but I then stamped some more and decoupaged them onto the bases.  Again I coloured these with Spectrum Noir alcohol markers.  I then stamped the sentiment straight onto the MDF

All the final images have been sprayed with Crafters Companion Spray and Shine

I hope that you like what I have shared with you today and I look forward to your next visit.

Take care



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Cherry Blossom

I’m sharing another one of my MDF plaques but this time with a Japanese theme.  I decided to create something after ordering the Tattered Lace Japanese collection and the lovely papers included needed something to show them off.  I had this design in mind and had cut out the figure of Mai and coloured it in.  Then as luck would have it the latest Tattered Lace magazine popped through my door with a very apt Cherry Blossom Charisma die and some free papers for it.  It matched my design perfectly so I used the papers and made the cherry blossom to go at the top of my design.  Again once dry I sealed the design with Spray and Shine.

Thank you for stopping by again and I look forward to your next visit.



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Keep Calm and Eat Chocolate

So today I’m sharing this fun plaque I made with some Tattered Lace dies I needed to have in my collection.  Most ladies I know cannot resist their chocolate so I thought this plaque would be fun. I firstly covered the plaque in some paper which I found in my stash, and used Modge Podge to secure it to the MDF.  Whilst that was drying I cut out the letters in a lilac and black colour scheme.  I separated the letters in the die so that I could just lay them to fit.

The chocolate bar I cut out multiple times.  You cannot see but I wanted a layered effect so that it looks like the wrapping is larger than the bar of chocolate.  Its given a nice dimension to the plaque. It was looking bare is I decided to add one of my already made Dreamees flowers and just the one worked. Once the plaque was fully dry I sprayed with Crafters Companion Spray and Shine with the fine glitter in it just to seal and give it an added sheen.

Thank you very much for stopping by my blog and I look forward to your next visit.