Birthday card for my Mum part 2

As promised here is the second of the cards I made for my mother recently, this one is from my Nan and it actually gave me such a headache!

I could not get this card right at all!  I had the idea in my head but oh no the creative juice was not flowing at all!  I have used black and mirri adorable scoreable to make the most of this card. The Art Deco dies and paper are by tattered lace but I messed up the background die so many times I was going spare!  Once I had the look I was going for I was careful with my cutting and careful with the snipping and I finally got things placed.  Then I did the colouring in.  Once all that was done and glued in place. I was looking for something to make the card pop and went with my Dreamees dies and some adorable scoreable to compliment the colours in the design.  The huge bow is simply because there is a nightmare of a  mistake and I applied the mantra ” Cover the mistake with an embellishment” but it looks okay.  The daughter sentiment was from the Art Deco cut outs of Leonie Pujol’s Typography alphabet dies.

So I hope that you like this card and I’ll be back to show you some more makes in the week.  Thank you for stopping by.




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