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Two sayings

Hello again.

Today I am sharing two of my latest MDF projects.  I love working with MDF as they make terrific and unique gifts for friends and I its a nice change from cards on times.  Both MDF projects are made using Dreamees products.  I absolutely love what Carol and Hayley bring us crafters and even though I don’t print many papers off CD’s I use these.  Beautiful papers and their CD’s are jam packed with value for money.   Unfortunately when I printed these papers off, I forgot to make note of the CD’s which I printed them from!

So this is my first plaque.  I glued my papers to the MDF and let them dry before cutting the excess off and sanding the edges for neatness.  The sentiment I printed off one of the CD’s and I coloured it with one of the dinky inkies and set it aside to dry.  The frame is from a pack of wooden embellishments that I was given.  Brown looked way out-of-place so I used the black dinky inkie and coloured the frame, letting that dry before gluing it over the sentiment.  I then stuck the frame to the middle of the plaque and offset it.  I took one of my Dreams stamp sets and stamped flower images all over some of the paper I had printed out. I then cut out all the flowers and assembled them arranging them around the frame before I glued them in place with my hot glue gun.  After these were dry I applied some Tonic Crystal Drops (Wisteria Purple) in the centre of my flowers and I left them overnight to dry.  I didn’t make the hanging cord until I had finished the second plaque that I am showing you.  These cords are made using the Kumihimo technique. I didn’t measure the ribbon because I wasn’t sure if this would work and how it would “use” the ribbon.  Thankfully the ribbon worked out really well.  There are several different shades of ribbon, some of which are pieces left over from other things. This cord is very sturdy and is great for the MDF plaques giving them some strength.  I fixed the cord to the MDF using my hot glue gun and hung it up to dry.


My second plaque is made in much the same way but this time I made some of the flowers from stamping on the printed paper and I experimented with heat-resistant acetate is I could add some Dreamees Embossing Powders (Sequin and Charm were used). I stamped the flowers onto the acetate with Versamark before drying with the heat gun.  You cannot see from the photo how wonderful the powders are.  Once all my flowers were made and I had already added the centres (I think I used the end of a bottle of something and then threw it out before making a note of its name 😳) I arranged the sentiment and flowers on the plaque, added a faux stitched border with a sharpie,before I glued them in place, with the hot glue gun.  Finally after making sure the whole piece was dry I made the kumihimo cord with some more ribbon and again glued this in place with the hot glue gun.

I am pleased with what I have made, not sure what I am going to do with these yet, if anyone wants to buy them then contact me please, or I may give them as gifts or I’ve a craft fair booked for November and I may take these there then, I shall see.  Whatever happens I shall be making more of these in the future and sharing them with you.

Thanks again for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend wherever you happen to be.




1 thought on “Two sayings”

  1. I love Dreamees products too, pretty and so versatile. These plaques look great, the edges especially seem really neat and clean which is so hard to get right. I made my first MDF project today, waiting for it to dry now


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