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Today I am sharing a project which I loved doing and which didn’t take much time to do. I am also thrilled with the result and it’s now in the gift box as this is destined for a friend for Christmas.

imageThis started out life as a kit which I fell in love with on Craft TV.  All I had to do was make it. I chose to use the papers which were included in the kit as they were of the highest quality AND not ones which I would have chosen myself.

I started off by painting the sentiment white but hated it and changed it to black. It stood out much more and with the white in the paper it would have distracted too much. Whilst that was drying I traced the frame on the back of the paper side I wished to use (the papers come double-sided). I cut the frame out and using Modge Podge I stuck it down and smoothed it with the trusty retired  tea towel and then left that to dry. Next was the pallet base.  The instructions (I call them destructions because you just never know do you), said that you needed to measure the 3 slats.  This was easy as they were precise measurements and therefore the cutting was easy.  Again I stuck the paper down with Modge Podge and left to dry.

With MDF I leave things to dry for a few hours, it never normally takes that long to dry but I like to leave it.  I layered up my design but I felt that it was too plain so taking one of the enclosed papers I did some fussy cutting of some flowers and placed them around my design.  Once I was happy with the placement I used the modge podge and stuck them, smoothing them with the towel.   The papers are of such a high quality that they look as if they are part of the design. I was so pleased with the way they look.  Finally I took my hot glue gun and I stuck my whole piece together, and the result you see is what I finished with.

Thank you again for stopping by and I hope you’ll visit me again soon





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