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Can you spot the deliberate mistake?

Today I’m sharing a project which I completed midweek and had to take a very quick photograph of…at which point I saw the mistake! These were made for my mum to give as gifts for some visiting Scottish friends of theirs. I was given the stamps I’ve used to make this project, a friend of mine was given a pile of stamps and she figured I’d make more use of these than she would!


To make sure I didn’t have any inking and coloring disasters I traced around my MDF plaque onto the card stock intended to use.  I chose a cream base as I had plenty of that incase there was a problem, but thankfully I didn’t have that problem so I coloured them with promarkers and distress markers, allowed them to dry and then stuck the card stock to the MDF and smoothing down with an old tea towel (once they get too many holes they end up in my crafty stash). There wasn’t a design on the back, just my personal stamp. I both my plaques overnight and then coated them with 2 layers of Modge Podge as a sealant and left them 24 hours to dry.

I was unsure how to proceed with a hanger and I felt ribbon was too harsh and slightly untidy for this project so I ended up making some kumihimo braid with macrame cord and tied a knot at each end to secure them. Pulled tight there is no way they can co e undone AND the knot is small enough to rest on the hole. I was really pleased with the finished effect.

Yes, the mistake, my family didn’t spot it but I realized and it was too late. Can anyone guess what my mistake is? If so please comment – I know one person spotted it straight away but can anyone else?

Thanks for visiting my blog today and I look forward to seeing you again




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