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Grandfather time

Hello! Today I am showing off the rather fantastic grandfather clock that I have put together myself and decorated with a little help from stunning papers. The clock is intended as a gift for my Mum’s birthday which isn’t until August but I started it thinking I’d have a handful on my plate and wouldn’t have much time to decorate. WRONG! It’s all taken much less time than I’d allowed and it’s finished.

I’ve only taken a photo of the front but it’s decorated all over using the Graphic 45 “Artisan Style” paper pad. I’ve a lot of these papers left so I’ve made a few cards which you’ll get to see over the next few days.

The kit is by Stamps away and I knew the kit would be really easy as I’ve made their things before. Each section was made separately and then put together – I decorated the clock after it was made.  It was a difficult decision as to what papers to use but I saw the “door” on this particular set and knew it would fit the door of the clock. I stencilled the clock face on some paper, that was my sticking point as I was dithering whether to stencil on the bare MDF or onto paper and I chose paper so if I made a mistake I could rip it up and start over again until it was right.There are doors at the back so you can easily change the battery in the mechanism. I made my own sealant using modge podge and water and its applied very well.

Thrilled with how this has turned out and I hope my Mum likes it.

Thanks for popping by today and please stop by again soon.



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