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Purple prettiness


This design is on its way to Australia as I type this.  It should have been sent before Christmas but I started this and some others and put them to one side and simply forgot about them until I went where they were stored.  So I finished them and off they have gone to their new home in Australia.

These designs are actually on artists canvas.  They are 20×20 in size so small but you would be surprised what you can fit on that size.

My base canvas is covered with a piece of paper which is cut to fit the design and glued on with, in this instance photo glue as I needed to move it about a little.  The paper is from the Craftwork cards Velvet Plum pad.  Whilst this was drying I cut out the design I had printed from the taster CD.  I mounted this on a piece of black card and then glued to the centre of the decorated canvas.

The design at this time was looking very plain so I decided to decorate the design with some Crystal Drops from Tonic Nuvo.  I used two colours – Wisteria Purple and Crushed Grape.  These needed to dry overnight. Once they were dry I thought I’d add two butterflies.  I had just received my Spectrum Noir Sparkles so I thought I’d play with them.  I mixed them up a little and messed around with water and put them on the butterflies.  I used cosmos, amethyst, inspired violet and pink garnet on the butterflies and crystal clear to highlight the butterflies on the main design (you can’t see that on the photo). I added some of my clear acrylic crystals to finish off the butterflies when everything was dry and stuck them to the design with my glue gun.

I am really pleased with this design as I don’t normally use crafting CDs and had bought the package for the Sheena stamps.  I must say that I have since printed some of the designs off to use and you may see some of the designs in the future.  The strange this is I have a Joanna Sheen CD rom here that I have barely used (except for a design you’ll see this week) and I think I will be giving that a go very soon.

Thank you for stopping by to read this post and come back again soon






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